Inspired by the cradle of cultures, TÜRKIZ restaurant brings all the joy of communal dining, the taste of quality, fresh Mediterranean dishes to the heart of Budapest.


A true Turkish kitchen where we enchant all your senses.
Taste authentic dishes from Turkey in one of Budapest's finest Turkish restaurants! Discover our cold and hot mezzes, unique soups, and distinctive Turkish drinks! Experience the freshness and vitality of authentic Turkish dishes, our vibrant, aromatic, and flavor-filled repertoire!

Our Turkish chef ensures that every dish on our menu is a feast of Eastern flavors, using only the freshest ingredients. Whether it's a romantic dinner, a large family lunch, a business meeting, or a friendly chat, TÜRKIZ is an excellent choice for every occasion,because it’s as diverse as each meeting. The interior evokes the ornate motifs characteristic of Turkish culture, with the combination of blue, turquoise, and gold colors recalling the imposing form of Turkish culture.

TÜRKIZ is a downtown focal point for excitement, brilliance, indoor atmosphere, and the charm of the outdoor terrace. Let yourself be captivated!